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Newborn Information

Newborn Sessions:

First we would like to congratulate you on your new baby and we want to make sure that we are throughly prepared to capture his/hers first newborn days.

It it optimal to photograph your newborn between 6-14 days old. We strongly recommend that you book soon as possible after receiving your expected due date. We book up rather quickly for our newborn sessions. There is much preparation that is involved in order for us to make sure that your session is special, custom and perfect! Timing is crucial to get the absolute best shots!

Our newborn session usually last on average between 2 - 4 hours. Your session is done in a comfortable and relaxed environment with 2 trained individuals to assist during every step of this exciting process.

We provide an assortment of refreshments based on the individual customers, at their request. We also provide and strongly recommend parent and sibling photographs with the newborn, these are beautiful artistic shots that will melt your heart. The newborn period is very short and over almost too quickly. We are dedicated to capture these memories for you to treasure forever.

So again, please book early!!

To ensure that we are able to capture the true beauty and innocence of your newborn, please call us at 504-553-7810 to book your appointment today... And we will take care of the rest!!!!